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Senior Farmshares  

 We love participating in the Maine Senior Farmshare Program.  This federal program allows us to partner with qualified senior citizens and offer them $50 worth of free produce over the course of the summer.  We are reimbursed through this program and it is a win-win for us all!  We have so enjoyed getting to know our senior participants, many of whom come back year after year.  To qualify a senior must be all of these things:


* A Maine resident


* 60 or older


  * Meet the income guidelines.


Depending on household size there must be an   income no greater than:

1 person-$23,606         2 people-$31,894

Call us and inquire or contact the state program to learn income cutoffs for bigger households


Sign-ups are held every spring. The new income guidelines usually go up a bit every year  July 1.

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