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We farm nearly 25 acres on a site that has been in agricultural production for over 150 years.  Every year, a little more land is reclaimed from the farm’s heyday.  More than twenty fruits and vegetables, many of those have several varieties, are grown.  We are especially known for having what we feel is the best corn in Maine- including tender varieties with small kernels.  

pumpkin stand.JPG

Gift shop    Enjoy browsing our gift shop where you can find a wide assortment of treats and gifts.  From hand lettered signs fashioned from old apple crates to vintage glassware to primitive home decor, we have something for everyone.  Many great deals on upcycled kitchen supplies and quirky one-of-a-kind items are available. We also have a large stock of homemade jams, jellies, salsas, and pickles. There is always something new that you probably haven’t seen before.

Originally planted in 1976, our orchard now boasts around 1,000 trees.  Old time varietals have been enhanced with newer, more popular  choices.  We continue to evolve and change with our customers’ tastes. Our cider is always made in house from a blend of apples providing extra depth of flavor.

You feel the love as you enter our rustic style shop and bakery. Peek through the window to see where we make our popular apple cider donuts, pies, fudge, pastries, and cookies.  There are always things to sample and a cool drink waiting for you. Due to 75% of our own family needing to eat gluten free, there are always also a few gluten free sweets available.

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